Why Is My Dog So Restless?

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Why Is My Dog So Restless? Dogs are always on the move. They love to play, explore, and spend time with their human companions. So if your dog seems restless, it can be really frustrating. Maybe you just got home from work and your dog wants to go outside again. Or maybe your pup is pestering you for more attention when you’re trying to read or watch TV.

Dogs who seem restless might be anxious about something in their surroundings. But, they could also be experiencing pain or discomfort around their joints or other parts of their bodies. The reason for this restlessness could also be that they’re bored or hungry! Here, are some ways to help your restless pup.

Why Is My Dog So Restless?

Why Is My Dog So Restless
Why Is My Dog So Restless
  • caption Sometimes, your dog is restless and just wants to move around.

Why Is My Dog So Restless? What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Moving: Some dogs are just restless when their energy is particularly high, like a day at the dog park or around a group of friends. There’s nothing wrong with being a regular social butterfly, so you shouldn’t make too much of the “restless” part of their behavior. On the other hand, you shouldn’t overlook the tension and anxiousness.

Your dog might want to make eye contact with you, especially when there’s an unfamiliar dog around. They’ll also want to move around a lot. So if your dog is doing anything in particular, it’s likely a sign of anxiety or restlessness.

Make sure your pup has enough to eat

Why Is My Dog So Restless? What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Moving, If your dog hasn’t had a meal in a while, this is a huge indicator that he needs to get more attention. Your dog may be bored with their food too.

“While dogs should get enough food to maintain their weight and health, a diet low in the essential nutrients you and your pup need, as well as containing unhealthy fats, can result in unhealthy joints and joints that don’t function well,” says Dr. Nick Feamster, a board-certified veterinary neurologist. “If your dog is pestering you to play or go outside and you haven’t fed him, consider whether he is under stress from being alone.”

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In addition, look out for signs your dog is feeling discomfort around his mouth, feet, tail, hips, spine, or shoulders. Or, if your pup is overheating, don’t forget to check his paws and bellies.

Why Is My Dog So Restless What To Do When Your Dog Won't Stop Moving
Why Is My Dog So Restless What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Moving

Check their food bowl

Why Is My Dog So Restless? Some dogs are on a fixed eating schedule and are likely to get into trouble if you suddenly change what they eat. Some medications can also cause digestive problems. So check your dog’s food and make sure they’re getting enough to eat. If their bowl is empty, it could be the problem.

Make sure they are playing with toys

Why Is My Dog So Restless? Having bored and restless dogs is not good for their mental or physical health. If you notice that they’re not interacting with their toys or with you, they need to play. They should be having fun!

Play with them in their kennel

Why Is My Dog So Restless? What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Moving, When your dog is playing, it’ll be a happier and healthier dog. They’ll also have more energy for their activities and will be ready to go out for a walk or play with their dog-sitter.

Consider adding a snack or two

Why Is My Dog So Restless? There are several options for your pup. Make sure to only give the dog food they eat, and only a small amount of that. Also, make sure they eat the same type of food every time you give it to them. Going too long without eating will only make them more hungry and possibly even get them sick.

The only other option is to give them something they like more — like dog biscuits, peanut butter, or treats. These options won’t fill them up as quickly as food will, but they will keep them from becoming so hungry that they’re more likely to act out.

Make sure your dog is getting exercise and stimulation

reasons why your dog might be restless
reasons why your dog might be restless

As noted by the Dogs Blog, dogs don’t like to stay in one spot for too long. In fact, the longer they’re in one place, the more bored and uncomfortable they become.

So if your dog has been in one place for a long time, don’t ask yourself: Why Is My Dog So Restless?

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Make sure your pup has enough to drink

Why Is My Dog So Restless? Cats especially love to knock over drinking bowls on the kitchen floor. But it’s not just kitties! If your pup has enough to drink, he probably just wants to play with the bowl and get rid of the water that’s inside. Most dogs don’t want to drink water that’s too warm or too cold.

If your dog is pulling on their collar or licking their fur, it might be too hot for their mouth, too. If your pup is thirsty, give him a bowl with water. Also, make sure to keep your pup hydrated by feeding them fresh foods, not processed foods that are made for dogs.

Change your pup’s environment

Why Is My Dog So Restless? Some dogs get bored if they can’t go on an adventure. Try to take your dog on some daily walks and encourage more exercise in their daily routine.

Provide appropriate levels of exercise for your pup

Why Is My Dog So Restless? A bored dog can be dangerous for anyone who is around. Dogs can be anxious, upset, or confused if they’re not allowed to do the things they love. If you want your pup to stay calm and happy while you are at work or otherwise occupied, it’s important to provide your dog with exercise at appropriate levels. To do that, check out these 30 exercises you can do with your dog.

Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations

Why Is My Dog So Restless? There are several reasons why your dog might be restless and want to get up to run around and play. Your pup might be experiencing allergies or a specific skin problem like conjunctivitis. Or they might be feeling some discomfort and pain around joints.

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Keep things interesting by changing up the environment

Why Is My Dog So Restless? What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Moving, take your pup to the vet to see if there is something wrong with them. If they can’t stop moving, ask your vet if they can give you some suggestions to keep things interesting for your pup. Try different toys that are new to them or activities you can do together. Also, make sure to give your dog some time in his or her favorite area. If it’s not his or her favorite, they may feel frustrated and restless.

Help your dog stretch and move

Getting your pup out of bed and to a standing or moving position can help with their restless movements. Dogs that like to do this can lay on their backs, hang on the couch, or stand on their hind legs. Even dogs that prefer to sleep in their beds can get up and stretch.


To help your dog get back to a comfortable state, it might be a good idea to engage in a fun activity, like a game of fetch or tug-of-war. Remind your pup that you’re doing it because you love him and that you’ll do whatever it takes to help him feel better.

Make sure your dog is eating properly and exercising, and that he’s getting regular exercise and sleep. Your dog may also want to see a veterinarian, if his behavior is causing any unusual symptoms, such as limping or over-excitement.

By communicating with your dog, you can make sure he gets the care he needs.

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