The 3 Best Times of Day to Walk Your Dog: How To Choose the Perfect Time for Your Pup

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When is the best time of day to walk your dog? According to world-renowned animal behaviorist Cesar Millan, there are three best times of day to walk your dog.

  • Early morning: The early morning hours are usually the calmest and quietest in terms of traffic. Not only that but when you get home from work, it will be nice and cool outside with the sun rising over the horizon.
  • Late evening: Another great time to take your dog for a walk is after dinner or when the kids are in bed. Your dog will need some exercise after being cooped up all day, so this is an ideal time for him too. You’ll also have more time on your hands.
  • Late at night: Another great time of day to walk your dog is after you’ve eaten dinner. There are fewer cars on the road and the lights are usually turned off.

The Best Times of Day to Walk Your Dog


You won’t be putting your dog at risk by walking him at this time. How long should you walk your dog? According to Cesar Millan, there are two things that you need to consider when walking your dog.

  • First, you should walk for 1-2 hours at a time to maintain your dog’s metabolism and to help him burn calories.
  • Second, you should walk for 30 minutes. The reason being is because walking at this speed helps to burn the most calories within the shortest amount of time. When should your dog be exercised? You should take your dog for a walk every single day. Every day, no matter what.

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Early morning

2:00 – 5:00 a.m.: For optimal, positive interactions, late night or early morning hours are ideal. This is when you will have the least amount of distractions, and your dog will be able to focus on you and not so much on the chaos that surrounds us during the rest of the day.

Best Times of Day to Walk dog
The Best Times of Day to Walk Dog

Late evening 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.: Evening walks are best when there are low-traffic streets. It’s a great time to take your dog for a walk if you have a busy schedule and no time to get out and exercise. It will allow your dog to spend some quality time with you as you walk.

Early morning 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.: This is the most natural time to take your dog for a walk because you’re most likely to see your neighbors or passing motorists. It’s best to avoid the early morning hours if you’re out alone.

Late evening

Late night: After dinner is usually when people start drinking or having a couple of cocktails. It is also the time when there is usually an increase in noise and activity in the neighborhood. Not only that but when it gets late, it gets dark.

So your dog will need some exercise in the darkness as well. So which is the best time for your pup? Having a dog needs a lot of exercise, so having the right time to walk him will ensure that you can have that exercise without getting tired. But just like anything else, consistency is key.

Walk your dog at the same time of the day and in the same order every day. This will help keep your dog on a schedule, which will help him live a more active life. What To Pack When Walking Your Dog So what do you pack for when you walk your dog?

3 Best Times of Day to Walk dog
3 Best Times of Day to Walk the dog


Late afternoon/evening: Think about how you’re feeling after a hard day at work and work into the late afternoon and evening when you’re at your freshest and most ready to take a walk.

Keep in mind, that daylight saving time starts in early November in North America, so if you live in Canada you might have to adjust your walking times, which is not fun.

It’s all worth it though, for that face-to-face time with your best friend. What do you think about the times of day to walk your dog?


Late night: Another great time to walk your dog is at night. You can get your walks done quickly before it gets too dark out.

What About Nighttime With a Baby? The nighttime hours may be good for you and your dog but you might not want to take your dog outside while your baby is sleeping. You need to do your research to make sure you’re walking your dog in the safest conditions.

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Take note, because these are the times when traffic is the lowest and your dog will have the opportunity to catch some much-needed zzz’s when you’re done walking him.

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