My Dog Destroys Their Toys: How To Prevent This Problem

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My Dog Destroys Their Toys: Solve This Problem, If your dog is anything like mine, they’ll tear through their favorite toys in a matter of minutes. The best thing you can do is to have a few backups on hand at all times. Some dogs just destroy everything from squeaky toys to balls and ropes. The only way to keep them occupied is to switch up the types of toys you give them throughout the day.

You should also be giving your pup some mental stimulation while they play—hide treats in their toys, provide puzzles, or offer food-filled balls that they have to roll around to get the goodies inside. These are some great ways for you and your pup to spend time together and have fun while also having a productive activity that helps prevent destructive behavior.

My dog destroys their toys

My Dog Destroys Their Toys How To Solve This Problem

My Dog Destroys Their Toys: How To Prevent This Problem, If you’re like me, you don’t like to waste money on pricey toys for your dog. My dog is an adventurous eater so he’s always on the lookout for something new to munch on. What I do is keep three large rubber play balls around:

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My Dog Destroys Their Toys: How To Prevent This Problem

  1. I’ll keep one ball in the yard for the first couple hours after work every day. By the time he starts to worry about me going outside, the ball is gone.
  2. In the living room, I’ll have a third ball that has two ends. The same goes for this one for at home. When he pesters me to play, I have the balls so I can keep him distracted. When I am done playing and sit on the couch, I’ll pick up the ball and ask him to find it. I make it as fun for him as possible.

How to prevent this problem

My Dog Destroys Their Toys: How To Prevent This Problem, The first step is to find out if your dog has any stress or anxiety issues before you start doing too many toys at once. If you know your dog has any issues or aggression, you probably want to stick to safe or low-impact toys. You want them to be able to chew and destroy, but not tear an important vein or have any chance of doing any damage to them. If your dog is scared or stressed, these types of toys probably aren’t going to be a great option for them.

My Dog Destroys Toys

You also want to make sure that you have your dog’s favorite toys around, as well as ones that you can use when they have fun. You can use those toys as a bribe. Let your dog play with the toys while you watch (on a cell phone if you need to) or put them in a separate room.

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Out with the old, in with the new

If your dog loves to get into trouble in the house, you’ll need to minimize the items your pup gets into. The first rule is to keep all toys in a closed plastic baggie or closed box in your bag or the closet. In the cabinet, keep all the dog toys separate and accessible.

They should be rotated and never be out of reach for your dog. If they have a fascination with the dishes, all it takes is one corner of the dish to be slightly raised and they’ll be licking their chops and eagerly gobbling down every crumb left behind.

Also, as your dog’s appetite increases, you’ll need to get rid of more and more toys at a time. Think of it as spring cleaning; once you’re done with one box of toys, it’s time to get rid of the old ones and stock up on new ones.

Provide mental stimulation

My Dog Destroys Toys How To Prevent This Problem

If you don’t have anything to keep your dog busy, give them something to think about. I find that it can be helpful to either play the guitar while my dog naps, or to take them for a walk or bike ride while I do a bunch of things around the house.

Skip the treats

It’s tempting to offer your dog a treat when they finish their self-restraint game. However, it’s important to be consistent with your dog’s behavior as they get older. If they’re used to getting treats for good behavior, it’ll be difficult to tell them to “wait,” “down,” or “sit” if they get a treat every time they do something right. You should offer them treats occasionally, but only when they’re doing something they want to do—like chewing on their favorite chew toy.

Hiding treats in their toys

My Dog Destroys Their Toys

When I have my dog do her playtime, I also like to try and hide treats in the toys she’s playing with. For a while, I had all of her squeaky toys filled with treats that I would throw in and out of them to keep her interested in the toys. Even if the toys weren’t inside, she would search through them because they had to have something of value inside.


You can also give your dog a puzzle that will keep their attention for longer periods. You can place a puzzle in the middle of a maze or have them pull a tug rope across a wooden board or the floor. These puzzles also require your dog to think and work for the rewards—treats in this case.

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The best way to keep them occupied is to switch up the types of toys you give them throughout the day

My Dog Destroys Their Toys: Solve This Problem, Breed Specific toys are also an option. Because certain breeds have a shorter attention span, it can help to train your dog how to use special toys to have fewer toys to destroy. You can also have your pup learn new commands such as “drop it” to maintain focus on a single toy.

My Dog Destroys Their Toys Solve This Problem

And remember, just like you would treat your child, provide toys that meet your dog’s needs. If they’re super energetic, give them something that requires them to be still for a long time. If they’re having a bad day, avoid chewy toys or toys with small squeakers.


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